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Donuts Will Support 10 Additional IDN Scripts 8th Dec 16

Donuts has announced that from 15 December 2016 their TLDs will support 10 additional IDN scripts. The new IDN scripts include th...

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Update to Lexsynergy's Terms and Cond... 5th Dec 16

In order to comply with new ICANN requirements in particular the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (

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Tanzania Businesses Required To Use .TZ Do... 22nd Nov 16

The Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) has recently issued a public compliance notice stating that all entities ...

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Argentina Opens Up NET.AR to Anyone, Anywhere 15th Nov 16

The Argentinian ccTLD operator, NIC Argentina, announced that from 1 November the same rules that apply to will apply to ...

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Controversial .FEEDBACK gTLD Subject of Co... 11th Nov 16

The .feedback gTLD has always been controversial by allowing the registration of domain names for the purpose of positive and nega...

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TMCH Ongoing Notification Promotion 4th Nov 16

From now until the end of the year, trademark owners that have an active ongoing notification service with the TMCH can submit 20 ...

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Lexsynergy Successfully Represents UDRP Re... 26th Oct 16

Over the years, Lexsynergy has represented dozens of trademark owners by filing UDRP complaints and recovering domain names that a...

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Business of Domains - One Day Seminar in N... 6th Oct 16

Lexsynergy is hosting a one-day seminar in Nairobi, Kenya on 11 October 2016. This seminar will teach entrepreneurs how to establ...

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Donuts Announces DPML Plus 5th Oct 16

Donuts Inc., a registry that manages nearly 200 new gTLDs, has announced an expansion to its domain-blocking services with its ne...

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Lexsynergy Hosting African Reseller Semina... 27th Sep 16

Lexsynergy is hosting a one-day seminar in Nairobi, Kenya on 11 October. This seminar will teach businesses how to establish and ...

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Moving Domain Providers

Are your domains scattered across multiple registrars? Do you think the process of transferring your domains to a new provider will create excessive work for you? This webinar reviews how simple it is to centralise all your domains with Lexsynergy. We handle all the work and once your portfolio is centralised you will manage your domains more efficiently, strategically and cost-effectively. Fun fact: companies that transfer their domains to Lexsynergy can save up to 40% on their annual domain renewal fees. For assistance with transferring domains, contact us today: +1 858 225 1318 (US) +44 20 313 70459 (UK) +27 10 500 3913 (ZA)

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Webinar: Managing Domains In The Health Industry

Our October webinar focuses on domain management within the health industry. We review tips and strategies that are specific to health and medical professionals including doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, insurance agencies and service providers. Learn about new domain extensions such as .health, .doctor, .clinic and .pharmacy. To learn more about creating a domain strategy, contact us today: +1 858 225 1318 (US) +44 20 313 70459 (UK) +27 10 500 3913 (ZA)

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Lexsynergy Webinar - Registering Domains In Complex TLDs

This webinar reviews the registration process for complex ccTLDs and how Lexsynergy can help simplify this process. Requirements such as a local presence, local trademark, and manual paperwork can make a domain registration both confusing and time-consuming. We will help make sense of it all and break it down into easy, actionable steps. For assistance with registering a foreign domain, contact us today: +1 858 225 1318 (US) +44 20 313 70459 (UK) +27 10 500 3913 (ZA)

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