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Technology and the Internet has led to the increase of trade mark infringement, brand dilution, anti-competitive behaviour, web traffic diversion and various online scams, such as phishing, identity theft, cybersmearing, direct solicitation and stock market manipulation schemes.

The situation is often described as the “wild west” implying a lack of law and order, however, this is not necessarily the case as there are methods of ensuring that infringements and fraudulent schemes are identified early and dealt with appropriately.

While we acknowledge that it is difficult to identify and resolve every fraudulent or infringing act targeting businesses online, we believe that the implementation of the correct monitoring mechanisms and responsive strategic action makes it possible to identify and resolve a vast majority of these activities. Unlike the traditional business environment, the Internet continues to operate after hours and for this reason Lexsynergy provides its clients with critical 24/7 support services.

Lexsynergy provides comprehensive brand protection and management services with pro-active solutions to mitigate our clients exposure to online risk.

Our brand protection services are structured on a fixed fee model in order to reduce the costs of enforcing your copyright and trade marks online.

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