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Terms & Conditions

Introduction and General Provisions

1.1. Lexsynergy Limited (“LS”) is a domain name management and online brand protection company that is registered as a limited company in England and Wales under Company No. 05992211 with its registered address at 925 Finchley Road, London, NW11 7PE, United Kingdom and VAT No. 912 3846 32.

1.2. LS’s can be contacted at:
United Kingdom
Tel:  +44(20) 313 70459
Fax: +44(20) 892 99873

1.3. By opening a LS account, the User acknowledges and agrees that it has read and understood these Terms and Conditions (“T&C”) and, if applicable the Schedules and it agrees to accept these Terms and Conditions and those in the Schedules as binding upon them. By registering a Domain Name through LS, the User warrants that it is authorised to act in that behalf and further accepts the terms and conditions of the Agreement as agent for and on behalf of a third party (if applicable), so that such third party is bound by the same. If the User does not wish to be bound by these terms and conditions they must refrain from using the Services and not access the Website.

1.4. LS make use of Naming Authority services, which do not fall within its control. The User is therefore advised to familiarise itself with the respective terms and conditions of the Naming Authority. The Naming Authority terms and conditions can be viewed during the registration process of a Domain Name or at the website of the Naming Authority.

1.5. If any links or functionality on the Website is not working and/or defective the User is requested to contact LS to rectify the problem and/or to request the information on that link from LS.

1.6. The headings used in the T&C and in any Schedule are for guidance purposes only and are not legally binding. In the event of any inconsistency and/or conflict between the T&C and content of the Website the T&C shall prevail. In the event of any inconsistency and/or conflict between the T&C and any Schedule, the provisions of the T&C will prevail. If any provisions of the Agreement are judged to have no legal force or effect then the remaining provisions shall remain valid and enforceable. Singular terms shall include plural and visa versa.

1.7. The User may not assign this Agreement or sub-contract or resell any of the Services without LS prior written consent. LS may assign this Agreement and/or subcontract any of the Services.

1.8  Users who register a domain name  in the .BANK TLD Schedule 1 and .INSURANCE TLD Schedule 2 must ensure that the Registrant or third party agrees to the terms specific to the .BANK and .INSURANCE TLDs, and in respect of other TLDs where applicable, as set out in clauses 26 and 27.

1.9. Neither party shall be liable for failure to perform or delay in performing any obligation (excluding payment) under this Agreement if the failure or delay is caused by any circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to failure of any communications, telecommunications or computer system.

1.10. The failure to exercise or delay in exercising a right or remedy under this Agreement shall not constitute a waiver of the right or remedy.

1.11. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as creating a partnership or joint venture of any kind between LS and the User.

2. Definitions

2.1 "Agreement" means the agreement comprising the T&C and any Schedules.

2.2. “Brand Protection Services” means the online domain name recovery and watch services provided by LS comprising advice on the recovery and purchase of domain names (including facilitating the recovery and purchase); preparing, drafting and sending cease and desist communications to infringers; preparing, drafting and submitting domain name complaints that fall under the rules and regulations of the various domain name dispute resolution authorities worldwide and any other services LS agrees in writing to provide to You, including without limitation any Output Materials.

2.3. “ccTLD” means a country code top level domain for example uk, .za,, which is assigned to a specific country.

.2.4. “Data” includes information, documents, text, software, music, sound, photographs, graphics, video, messages and other materials of any kind and in any form;

2.5. “DNS” means Domain Name System.

2.6. “Domain Name” means a gTLD and/or ccTLD.

2.7. “gTLD” means a generic top level domain for example .com, .net, .org, which is not assigned to any country.

2.8. "Input Material" means any information, data, documents or other materials, and any other record of any information in any form provided by You relating to the Services, whether written or oral or otherwise.

2.9. "Local Presence" means a local address and/or local company information that allows the User to meet the Naming Authorities registration requirements.

2.10. "Managed DNS Services" means a separate outsourced subscription of some or all of the DNS as set out in the Managed DNS Schedule and Managed DNS Service Guide (which is a separate document provided upon receipt of a written request to

2.11 "Naming Authority" shall mean the governing body for the Domain Name and/or any equivalent body registry and gateway provider responsible for particular types of Domain Names.

2.12. "Output Material" means any reports, opinions, data, documents, and other materials, and information supplied by LS in the course of providing the Services.

2.13. “Parties” shall include LS and the User.

2.14. “Prices” means the prices displayed on the Website from time to time.

2.15. “Privacy Policy” means the privacy policy accessible on the Website.

2.16. “Registrant” means the individual or organisation that is the applicant for a domain name and who shall be recorded in the Name Authorities database as the owner of a Domain Name.

2.17. "Schedule" means a schedule identified in the T&C and thereby incorporated into the Agreement.

2.18. “Services” includes, but is not limited to, Domain Name: searches; applications; registrations; renewals; transfers; information; regulations and other services rendered through the Website as well as Brand Protection Services and where applicable Managed DNS Services.

2.19. “T&C” means these terms and conditions and any annexure, directives and guidelines published on the Website from time to time.

2.20. “User” shall include any person or entity or its authorised agent that opens an account or registers a Domain Name, (including a reseller of the Services), with LS.

2.21. “Website” means

2.22. “Whois” means a database that contains pertinent information about a Domain Name, including but not limited to its availability, Registrant contact, technical contact, administrative contact and expiration date.

2.23. “Whois Privacy” means the substitution of the Users information with that of the Whois Privacy Provider.

2.24. “Whois Privacy Provider” means the Domain Name Brand Company Limited.

2.25. "Designated Agent" means LS who is explicitly authorised to approve changes, on the Registrant's behalf, to the Registrant's information appearing on the Whois in particular the Registrant name; Registrant organisation; Registrant email address and administrative contact email address, if there is no prior Registrant email address.

3. Amendment to Terms and Conditions

3.1. LS reserves its right to amend the terms and conditions of the Agreement from time to time by giving thirty (30) calendar days notice or the notice required by ICANN or any Naming Authority or other relevant authority if shorter. Notice will be posted on the Website and may also be made available to the User by such additional means as determined appropriate by LS.

3.2. The User agrees that LS can for a valid reason change part of the Services provided under the Agreement and/or how they operate by giving like notice If the User continues to use the Services subsequent to any amendment or revision of the Agreement, for a period of thirty (30) calendar days, the User agrees to abide and be bound by the amended or revised terms and conditions of the Agreement.

4. Right to Cancel – Distance Selling Regulations

4.1. If the User is a “consumer” as defined in the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 (as amended, replaced or re-enacted from time to time) it will have the right to cancel the Agreement within seven (7) working days of the conclusion of this distance contract provided that the User has not commenced use of any of the Services of LS. Services will have commenced upon the application, registration, transfer-in or renewal of a Domain Name.

5. Licence

5.1. LS grants the User a non-exclusive licence (“the Licence”) to use the Website for the rendering of the Services. The User may not transfer or sub-licence the Licence, unless LS gives its prior written approval.

6. Performance of Services

6.1. LS shall use its best endeavours to render the Services in accordance with accepted professional standards set by Naming Authority. LS does not warrant or guarantee that the performance of the Services will be uninterrupted, secure or error-free.

6.2. LS does not warrant that the Whois is correct and/or complete. Any Whois search result is given without commitment. The decision whether or not to rely on the Whois search is taken at the User’s own risk.

6.3. The accessibility to LS of gTLD and ccTLD Whois records for search, propagation and updating purposes is limited by various factors and is restricted to those gTLD or ccTLD domain name records (or parts) that are actually available at the relevant time; LS does not guarantee coverage of all gTLD or ccTLD domain name records or all parts of such records.

6.4. The regulations and restrictions in respect of each Domain Name is provided by LS as a general guideline and does not constitute advice and/or a comprehensive list of all rules and regulation relating to a specific Domain Name. The User is advised to supplement the regulations and restrictions information with its own independent research via the Naming Authority or the Name Authorities terms and conditions.

6.5. The User acknowledges that it agrees to be bound by all terms and conditions of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN's”) Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy ("UDRP"), Uniform Rapid Suspension System (“URS”), Registry’s Sunrise Dispute Resolution Policy (“SDRP”), Registry’s Registrant Eligibility Dispute Resolution Policy (“REDRP”), and Registry’s Reserved Name Dispute Resolution Policy (“RNDRP”), as amended from time to time, which is hereby incorporated and made a part of this Agreement by reference for all gTLD domain name registrations or renewals, as well as any other policies adopted by ICANN from time to time.

6.6. LS reserves its right to suspend or restrict access to, the Services for repair, maintenance and upgrades or as required by ICANN, any Naming Authority, or any other relevant authority.

7. Obligations of User

7.1. The User warrants that it has the power and authority to enter into this Agreement.

7.2. The User must comply with all reasonable instructions and requests concerning the Services.

7.3. The User agrees to provide accurate up to date information as it shall be used by LS to notify the User of Domain Name renewals and other information relating to the Services. Inaccurate information could result in the User failing to receive important notices or reminders and adversely affecting the Domain Name.

7.4. The User agrees that it will supply full and accurate and up to date contact data and information when registering, transferring and updating a Domain Name, which LS will require the registrant to verify by email and/or telephone. The User agrees that it will submit any corrections or updates relating to its registration information as required by ICANN and any Naming Authority

7.5. If the User fails to respond for over fourteen (14) working days to LS enquiries concerning the accuracy of contact details it shall constitute a material breach of this Agreement and shall be a basis for cancellation or suspension of the relevant Domain Name.

7.6. The User must:

7.6.1. keep its username, password and security phrase secure;

7.6.2. take reasonable steps in matters within its control to reduce the risk of security breaches in connection with the Services;

7.6.3. notify LS of any security breaches; and

7.6.4. comply with LS security checks.

7.7. The User warrants that it will not use the Services to infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party. In addition the User shall abstain from distributing malware, abusively operating botnets, phishing, piracy, fraudulent or deceptive practices, counterfeiting or otherwise engaging in activities contrary to applicable law.

7.8. The User will ensure that it or the Registrant complies with the eligibility criteria or restrictions applicable to certain Domain Names imposed by the Naming Authority and shall accept the Name Authorities terms and conditions during the registration process.

7.9. In the event that documentation is required for the registration of a Domain Name, the User undertakes to supply the relevant documents to LS in the specified format with the applicable time period as prescribed by LS from time to time, failing to do so shall constitute a material breach of this Agreement.

7.10. The provisions of paragraph 7.10 apply to Users who resell the Services of LS to third parties, which specifically provide that:

7.10.1. the User must not display the ICANN or ICANN Accredited Registrar logo, or otherwise represent themselves as Accredited by ICANN unless they have written permission from ICANN to do so.

7.10.2. the User shall in its registration agreement include all the provisions and notices required by the ICANN Registrar Accreditation Agreement and any ICANN Consensus Policies and shall identify LS as the sponsoring registrar or provide the means for identifying LS, such as a link to the InterNic Whois lookup service.

7.10.3. the User must disclose the identity of LS to third parties upon receiving such an inquiry from that party.

7.10.4 the User comply with any ICANN adopted Specification or Policy that establishes a program for accreditation of individuals or entities who provide proxy and privacy registration services (a “Proxy Accreditation Program”). Among other features, the Proxy Accreditation Program may require that: proxy and privacy registration services may only be provided in respect of domain name  registrations by individuals or entities Accredited by ICANN pursuant to such Proxy Accreditation Program; and Registrar shall prohibit Resellers from knowingly accepting registrations from any provider of proxy and privacy registration services that is not Accredited by ICANN pursuant the Proxy Accreditation Program. Until such time as the Proxy Accreditation Program is established, Registrar shall require Resellers to comply with the Specification on Privacy and Proxy Registrations of the Registry Registrar Accreditation Agreement (“RRA”) 2013.

7.10.5. The User shall publish on its website and/or provide a link to the Registrants' Benefits and Responsibilities Specification at

8. Data

8.1. LS may access, copy, preserve, disclose, remove, suspend or delete any Data:

8.1.1. in the event it is necessary to protect LS or our other customers or the public and/or to minimize the exposure of LS to breach of applicable law or the risk of civil or criminal proceedings and /or to respond to claims of violation of third party rights;

8.1.2. if LS is required to do so by any applicable law or competent authority; or

8.1.3. it is otherwise permitted under this Agreement.

9. Domain Names

9.1. A Domain Name registration will usually be approved within 48 hours of placing the order if the information and documentation supplied by the User is accurate and available, or a few days thereafter depending on the Domain Name and respective Naming Authority system or registration process.

9.2. Due to nature and infrastructure of certain Name Authorities a Domain Name registration can take some time to complete for this reason LS does not guarantee or warrant that a Domain Name will be processed with a certain period or with the guideline mentioned above.

9.3. LS will inform the User as soon as reasonably possible if a Domain Name registration is unsuccessful. LS will provide feedback relating to the unsuccessful registration.

9.4. LS will use its reasonable endeavours to register a Domain Name and but does not guarantee success. In the event that a Domain Name is not available domain name, LS shall allow the User to apply for another suitable Domain Name under the same extension.

9.5. No refunds shall be given once a Domain Name is registered by the User.

9.6. A newly registered Domain Name will be hosted on the LS DNS unless LS is otherwise notified at date of the order.

9.7. Certain Domain Name, as determined at the discretion of LS, shall have as the default email address for the administrative and technical contact on the Whois. The technical and administrative email addresses supplied by the User during the registration of the Domain Name shall be used by LS to communicate any relevant information or notices to the respective contact. This clause shall also apply to all Domain Names transferred to LS’s control.

9.8. If the User fails to supply LS with sufficient information to register a Domain Name LS shall, at its own discretion, supplement the information with its own.

9.9. Newly registered gTLDs cannot be transferred to another registrar within sixty (60) days of registration.

9.10. Domain names which expire are at risk of cancellation. The User is responsible for paying renewal charges to LS.

9.11. The User must not take any action in reliance on ownership of a Domain Name until the Domain Name is recorded through the Service with the status of “Active” and displays the registration and expiry date.

9.12. The User is bound by all present and future applicable terms and conditions, specifications, procedures, rules and policies of relevant Name Authorities. Such documents are likely to be available on the relevant Naming Authority website and in certain instances on the Website.

9.13. The Registrant and/or User agree and authorise LS to act as the Designated Agent in respect of the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy ( for all gTLD Domain Names.

10. Whois Privacy Service

10.1. The Whois Privacy replaces the Users information with that of the Whois Privacy Provider.

10.2. If the Domain Name is transferred away to another the Whois Privacy Provider information will be replaced with the information provided by the User during the registration or transfer in process.

10.3. The User shall be legally responsible for the Domain Name while using the Whois Privacy service.

10.4. Without prejudice to any other rights or remedies which LS may have, the User agrees that LS shall have the right at its sole discretion to suspend or disable the Whois Privacy service without notice to the User in the event that LS determines in its sole discretion that the Domain Name is being used for any unlawful or harmful purpose, or is forwarding users to a website or URL which is inappropriate or offensive, or infringes any third parties intellectual property rights, in order to deal with any complaint from any third party, or to comply with ICANN and/or applicable Naming Authority terms and conditions, or if the Domain Name is cited in a UDRP complaint and/or court proceeding of a local court in any jurisdiction.

10.5. The User shall indemnify and keep LS fully indemnified against all claims, proceedings, expenses, liabilities, costs, loss or damage arising out of any breach of any of the Users obligations in clause 10.

11. Local Presence Service

11.1. The Local Presence service is provided without any guarantee express or implied. LS and/or its agents shall not be held responsible or liable in the event that the Local Presence service no longer complies with the requirements of the Naming Authority or is no longer available to the User.

11.2. The User understands and accepts that the Local Presence may only be provided for domain names registered with LS. The User consequently accepts that in order to transfer a Domain Name using a Local Presence service to another Registrar, the User must first appoint a new local presence, recorded on the Whois, before initiating the transfer.

11.3. LS retains the right to suspend temporarily or definitely the provision of the Local Presence service at any time. It is the Users sole responsibility to take any required measures to ensure that they comply, by their own means, with the Naming Authorities registration requirement. The User understands and agrees that failing to do so may lead to the suspension of the Local Presence service and potentially the deletion of the Domain Name and that LS and/or its agents cannot be held liable for such deletion.

11.4. The User undertakes not to use the Local Presence service for any illicit or fraudulent purposes and more generally in any manner breaching these T&C's.

11.5. The User understands that any improper use of the Local Presence service will result in the immediate and without prior notice deletion of the Domain Name using this service as well as the complete suspension of the User's account if LS deems it necessary.

11.6. The Customer accepts that neither LS nor its agents whose services are used to provide the Local Presence service can be held liable for the use of the Domain Name by the User.

11.7. The User undertakes to hold harmless LS and/or its agents of the Local Presence service against any claim and/or suit from any third party based on or arising from the User's use of the Domain Name. The User will fully indemnify LS and/or its agents for any direct or indirect damages including but not limited to, all administrative, judiciary or extra judiciary costs incurred by LS and/or its agents by the User's use of the Domain Name.

12. Domain Name Renewal / Deletion / Restore (Redemption)

12.1. LS shall notify the User of the renewal, deletion and redemption of a Domain Name via the most recent email address it supplied to LS on the Website.

12.2. LS will not renew domain names if the User has not responded to the renewal notification. Renewal notifications are sent to the User at the following intervals prior to the expiry of the Domain Name:

12.2.1. Three months, two months, one month, one week and every day during the last week of the registration period.

12.3. The LS renewal service does not apply to Domain Names where LS is not named as a billing contact on the Whois immediately prior to the renewal date.

12.4. The onus is on the User to renew the Domain Name using the Services. If the Domain Name is not renewed before the expiry date it will cease to functions and thereafter shall be subject to deletion by the applicable Naming Authority according to its rules and regulations and/or terms and conditions, which is not more than 44 days after the expiry date.

12.5. If the User wants to restore an expired Domain Name an email request must be sent to LS will process the request, if the Domain Name has not been deleted, after the User has paid the restoration fee as set out in the LS Price, which can be found on the Website at The User will be required to login to access the Prices.

12.6. Domain Names on automatic renewal will renew automatically 30 before the expiry date of the Domain Name. The User shall ensure that they have sufficient funds in their account to cover the renewal fee of the Domain Name. If the User does not have sufficient funds to automatically renew a Domain Name, LS will send out a notice to the User informing them of their insufficient credit balance.

12.7. LS is not liable for any loss of service, damage or disruption to Domain Names that have passed their expiry date or not renewed.

13. Transfer Away from LS

13.1. In the event that LS incurs costs in transferring a domain name out of its control such costs including bank charges will be passed on to the User, which is payable by the User before the transfer is initiated.

13.2. The User shall request the transfer away via fax to +44(0) 20 313 70459 on a company letter headed paper authorising LS to transfer the Domain Name to another party. The fax must contain the date, domain name, and domain name holder signature (in the case of an entity is shall be a person authorised to act on it behalf).

14. Email Forwarding

14.1. The User warrants that it will not itself or allow any other third party to use either the email forwarding service:

14.1.1. for spamming, which includes but is not restricted to, the mass mailing of unsolicited email, junk mail, the use of distribution lists (mailing lists) which include persons who have not specifically given their consent to be placed on such a distribution list; or

14.1.2. in any way whatsoever which would contravene any applicable legislation or the generally accepted rules for Internet and email usage.

14.2. Since the email forwarding service is free of charge to the User, LS reserves the right to terminate this service, at its sole discretion upon providing the User thirty (30) days written notice.

14.3. The User shall indemnify and keep LS fully indemnified against all claims, proceedings, expenses, liabilities, costs, loss or damage arising out of any breach of any of the Users obligations in this clause 14.

15. URL Forwarding

15.1. LS may make available to the User upon its request a URL forwarding service in respect of a Domain Name registered through the Service. This service comprises the automatic forwarding of Internet users who type in the User’s Domain Name in the address bar of their Internet browser, to another domain name designated by the User.

15.2. Without prejudice to any other rights or remedies which LS may have, the User agrees that LS shall have the right at its sole discretion to suspend or terminate the URL forwarding service without notice to the User in the event of any breach of the User’s obligations in clause 17, or if LS determines in its sole discretion that the URL forwarding service is being used for any unlawful or harmful purpose, or is forwarding users to a website or URL which is inappropriate or offensive, or infringes any third parties intellectual property rights, or in order to deal with any complaint from any third party in relation to the URL forwarding involved in the User’s URL forwarding service.

15.3. The User shall indemnify and keep LS fully indemnified against all claims, proceedings, expenses, liabilities, costs, loss or damage arising out of any breach of any of the Users obligations in clause 15.

15.4. Since the URL forwarding service is free of charge to the User, LS reserves the right to terminate this service, at its sole discretion upon providing the User thirty (30) days written notice.

15.5. Domain Name registered using the Services may be pointed by LS to the Website if the User makes use of LS DNS and not the URL forwarding service. If the User does not wish its Domain Name to forward to the Website, the must change the DNS to those other than those of LS.

16. Brand Protection Services


16.2. LS reserves the right at its absolute discretion to refuse to provide the Brand Protection Services to the User. In particular, but without limitation, LS will reject an offer if:-

16.2.1. the information or data supplied by the User is incomplete or incorrect;

16.2.2. the User does not provide all the other data, material and information requested by LS.

16.3. LS will be under no obligation to supply the Brand Protection Services until:-

16.3.1. it has received all material, information and facilities it has reasonably asked the User to supply to enable it to provide the Brand Protection Services; and

16.3.2. the User has settled in full all invoices.

16.4. For the avoidance of doubt, the Brand Protection Services do not include the issue or conduct of court proceedings, the preparation of documents in proceedings before a court, advocacy before a court, or any other work involving or relating in any way to court proceedings, whether preliminary or otherwise.

16.5. The User warrants that:

16.5.1. all Input Material is true, accurate and complete in all respects and the User will notify LS immediately in writing of any changes to any Input Material; and

16.5.2. the Users use of the Brand Protection Services will comply with all applicable laws, regulations and codes of practice.

16.6. It is the Users responsibility to ensure that:

16.6.1. it complies with all requests from LS for information, documents and other material within the time limits specified by LS for the supply of such information, documents and other material; and

16.6.2. comply with all obligations, duties and regulations (whether statutory or otherwise) arising in any way, and whether directly or indirectly, out of the User commissioning and/or use in any way of the Brand Protection Services or any Output Material.

16.7. LS reserves the right at its absolute discretion to suspend, withdraw, or terminate the provision of the Services at any time without notice.

17. Prices

17.1 LS may vary Prices for the Services upon providing the User with at least sixty (60) days written notice to this effect.

18. Payment

18.1. The User shall pay all fees (together with VAT, if applicable) as specified in the LS price list available on the Website.

18.2. The User shall make payment via the credit card payment system or via funds which have previously been credited to the Users account. All payments shall be made in advance.

18.3. Payments are made without deduction or set-off and time for payment shall be during the registration process.

18.4. All fees are non-refundable unless otherwise stated.

18.5. The User shall not receive a refund for misspelled or inaccurate Domain Names.

18.6. LS shall be entitled to claim an additional fee after registration of a Domain Name due to currency fluctuations or the increase of the Name Authority fee that occurred on or before the date of registration. The currency fluctuation shall be calculated according to the exchange rate as determined at on the date of registration.

18.7 If fees are not paid within 30 days of when due, there may be any or all of the following consequences

18.7.1 deletion of the Domain Name associated with invoices not paid in full from the Naming Authority database;

18.7.2 service on you of written notice of termination of this Agreement:

18.7.3 assessment of  interest fees at the maximum amount allowed under law.

18.7.4 pursuance of any other remedy under this Agreement or available under applicable law.

19. Limitation of Liability and Indemnity

19.1 The User hereby declares that it has accepted the terms of the Agreement in the knowledge that the liability of LS is limited and the charges payable for the Services have been calculated accordingly.

19.2. The use of the Website and the Services is at the User’s own risk.

19.3. Nothing in this clause (and any other clause excluding or restricting our liability) applies to LS directors, officers, employees, subcontractors, agents and affiliated companies.

19.4. Our liability in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise in connection with this Agreement or the Services for any one event or series of related events is limited to 125% of the fee LS received for the relevant Service in the twelve (12) months before the event(s) complained of.

19.5. In no event (including LS’s own negligence) will LS be liable for any:

19.5.1. economic losses (including, without limit, loss of revenues, profits, contracts, business or anticipated savings);

19.5.2. loss of goodwill or reputation;

19.5.3. special, indirect or consequential losses; or

19.5.4. damage to or loss of Data even if LS have been advised of the possibility of such losses.

19.6. In no event may the User bring any claim against LS more than twelve (12) months after The User knew of (or ought reasonably to have discovered) the event(s) giving rise to the potential liability.

19.7. LS has no liability for any third party goods and services or towards third parties generally.

19.8.  LS has no liability if access to the Services, or any of them, is temporarily suspended or restricted by the Naming Authority.

19.9. To the extent allowed by law, LS exclude all conditions, terms, representations and warranties, whether imposed by statute or by law or otherwise, that are not expressly stated in this Agreement including, without limit, the implied warranties of satisfactory quality and fitness for a particular purpose.

19.10. The User will indemnify LS and all Naming Authorities (including LS and its directors, officers, employees, subcontractors, agents and affiliated companies) against all claims, damages, liabilities, costs (including reasonable legal fees) directly or indirectly related to the Users registration of or use of its Domain Name, its use of the Services or breach by it of this agreement.

19.11. The User will also indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Naming Authority and VeriSign Inc, its wholly owned subsidiaries ("VNDS")" and its directors, officers, employees, agents, and affiliates as well as the relevant Naming Authority from and against any and all claims, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses, including reasonable legal fees and expenses arising out of or relating to the Registered Name holder's domain name registration.

20. Privacy

20.1. LS shall process the Users personal data only in accordance with the Privacy Policy accessible on the Website.

20.2. The User also confirms that it has shown the Privacy Policy to, and obtained similar consent from, any third party individuals whose personal data the User has supplied to LS and who will continue do so in future.

21. Termination

21.1. LS or the User may terminate this Agreement (as regards some or all of the Services) at any time for any reason by giving thirty (30) days written notice.

21.2. LS or the User may terminate this Agreement (as regards some or all of the Services) immediately on written notice if the other:

21.2.1. commits a material breach of this Agreement and, if remediable, having received from the other party written notice stating the intention to terminate the Agreement if not remedied, fails to remedy the breach within fourteen (14) days; or

21.2.2. is subject to a resolution for winding up or a petition for bankruptcy or liquidation or proposes or enters any arrangement or composition with assignment with or for creditors or a receiver or liquidator or trustee in bankruptcy is appointed over it or any of its assets or any similar circumstances.

21.3. LS may also terminate this Agreement (as regards some or all of the Services) and/or suspend some or all of the Services immediately on written notice:

21.3.1. in the event it is necessary to protect LS or our other customers or the public and/or to minimize our exposure to breach of applicable law or the risk of civil or criminal proceedings and /or to respond to claims of violation of third party rights;

21.3.2. if the User has otherwise breached this Agreement including non-payment;

21.3.3. if LS is required to do so by any applicable law or competent authority; 

21.3.4. if the User does not comply with the provisions of paragraph 7.10.

21.3.5. it is otherwise permitted under this Agreement.

21.4. The consequences of termination of this Agreement or suspension of Services include:

21.4.1. LS immediately stopping the supply, termination of access to, the relevant Services - this may involve irretrievable damage to or loss of data generated, stored, transmitted or used via or in connection with the Services and / or LS may destroy any such data;

21.4.2. termination of the licence granted by LS;

21.4.3 any fees due remain payable and, if already paid, will be non-refundable unless: User has cancelled this Agreement in accordance with the Distance Selling Regulations and subject to clause 20; or LS has terminated this Agreement under clause 20.1 or 20.2 (excluding domain registration and renewal fees paid to registries); or accrued rights and liabilities will be unaffected; and

21.5. The clauses in this Agreement which are expressed or intended to survive the termination of this Agreement shall survive.

22. Intellectual Property Rights

22.1. LS retains ownership of all intellectual property rights relating to development or supply of the Services including all methodologies, know-how and processes used and in any information, reports, documents, software or other Data created by LS as part of the Services (together described below as "the Materials").

22.2. LS grants the User a non-exclusive licence to use, store and view on your internal computer network and print up to 10 hard copies strictly for your reasonable business or personal use that part of the Materials LS make available to the User. The Materials may not be otherwise used, copied or transmitted without our prior written consent.

22.3. Lexsynergy is a registered UK Trade Mark. The User is not entitled to use the Lexsynergy trade mark without the prior written consent of LS.

23. Domain Name Disputes

23.1. In the event of a domain name dispute LS agrees to abide by the applicable Name Authorities domain name dispute resolution policy in addition to abiding by any interim instruction given by the relevant Naming Authority and/or legal authority.

23.2  The parties shall attempt to resolve any disputes between them prior to litigation.

24. Commencement and Duration

24.1. The provisions of this Agreement will commence immediately when the User accepts the terms and conditions as part of the User account registration processes. The duration in respect of the Services shall be subject to duration of the Services.

25. Jurisdiction

25.1 The  Agreement is governed by English law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England & Wales.

26.  Schedules

26.1   The provisions of any schedule  identified in the Agreement shall form part of the Agreement as if set out here.

27. Top Level Domains (TLDs)

LS offers over 800 TLDs for registration each with its own terms and conditions. Each TLD may be subject to additional terms and conditions.

By accepting these terms and conditions you agree that you have read and understand the TLD policies accessible at the links gTLD policies and ccTLD policies and that they are binding, where applicable, on the User and/or Registrant.

Please visit the ICANN link to the Registrants' Benefits and Responsibilities Specification at