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Cost $950.00 /yr

About .bank

.BANK is a protected, trusted, more secure and identifiable domain extension for the global banking community and the customers it serves. The .BANK domain extension will have enhanced security requirements that exceed that of most existing extensions as well as provide banks with new marketing and branding opportunities.

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Eligibility Requirements

Registrants must meet one of the following eligibility requirements to register a .bank domain name.


State, regional and provincial banks that are chartered and supervised by a government regulatory authority


Savings associations that are chartered and supervised by a government regulatory authority


National banks that are chartered and supervised by a government regulatory authority

Launch Information

All times are UTC, unless otherwise stated.

Phase Dates Allocation Cost Eligibility
10 Apr 2017
12:00 AM
12 Apr 2017
12:00 AM
First come, first served $120.00 Trademarkv registration
General Remarks

All .BANK domain must comply with Name Selection Policy. There are four classifications of .BANK domains each with different requirements:

1) Standard Name Requirements – Domain must:

    a) correspond to a trademark, trade name or service mark of the business or organization;

    b) not be a Reserved Name; and

    c) not be likely to deceive or cause material detriment to a significant portion of the banking, insurance and/or financial services communities, its customers or Internet users

2) Common Community Name and Generic Name Requirements – The domain names in these two classes will be incorporated into the Registry Operator’s Name Allocation Policy.

3) Reserved Names are not available for registration.

Registration Documentation

As part of the registration process, applicants will be required to provide certain information to the registry operator to verify their eligibility to register a .BANK domain name. This information may include, but is not limited to: Full legal name, business name, business address, business phone, business email, another proof of identity to establish that the Applicant is an eligible member of the banking community (e.g. business license, certificate of formation, charter documents), or the assigned regulatory ID and government regulatory authority issuing the charter or license.


A third party, Symantec, will ensure that all registrations are made only with organizations that meet the eligibility requirements. This verification will be performed at the time of initial registration and at each renewal or every two years, whichever comes first. Symantec will verify the following:

1) Organization, Jurisdiction and Banking Credentials – the registrant must be a registered and active organization in a jurisdiction appropriate to its business location and has valid credentials proving that it meets the requirements of the eligibility policy.

2) Domain Name Selection – the applied-for domain name must meet the requirements of the .BANK Name Selection Policy.

3) Physical Address – the address on the application must be verified as a valid address using Symantec approved databases

4) Telephone Number – the telephone number on the application must be verified using Symantec approved databases

5) Registrant Contact Employment – Symantec will initiate telephony contact to verify with registrant organization’s human resources (or appropriate department) that the registrant organization’s contact person is a full-time/non-contracting employee to the organization.

6) Registrant Contact Authority - Symantec will initiate telephony contact to identify the Registrant Contact’s manager within the registrant organization with human resources (or appropriate department) and contact this person to confirm that the registrant contact is authorized to request domains on behalf of the organization.

Verification is initiated as soon as your registration is processed by your registrar and approval is generally expected to conclude within days or less of the request. However, because the verification process requires telephone contact with the registrant’s organization to verify certain information (i.e., the requestor is a full-time employee of the company and it authorized to make registrations on their behalf), the verification may take longer to complete. Registrants can expedite verification by ensuring that all individuals that may be contacted are aware of the need to respond to these requests as quickly as possible.

Security Check

To support compliance with applicable local and international laws, every application will undergo a security check to ensure that Symantec does not approve any organizations or persons found on any government and/or Symantec-maintained restricted lists/black lists or lists provided by fTLD.

Verification Fee

If a domain name is submitted but ultimately rejected by the Registry, the registrant will receive a refund on the domain name less a $250 verification fee. 

Registry Operator may offer premium domain names that are subject to non-standard registration fees. Please ask Lexsynergy about pricing for these domain names

Reserved Domain Names

Some domain names are reserved names; these are names which are ineligible for registration due to ICANN restrictions or Registry Operator designation. Certain Domain names have been classified as Premium and will be sold at higher prices. If you wish to apply for a Premium domain name, please email to process your application.

Registration Information

Registration Periods 1 - 10 years
Renewal Periods 1 - 5 years
Backorder Not Supported
Local Presence Not Required
WHOIS Privacy Supported
Supports IDN Yes
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